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The Dawgs Table

The Dawgs Table was created to be a platform to connect Browns fans and football fans everywhere as well as to provide them with a platform to share their insights and contribute to the Cleveland browns internet and media community.  The Dawgs Table is a live-streamed roundtable discussion anyone can join. We go live every Tuesday at 8pm eastern standard time on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. We start off every show by posting a link in the comments. With this link you have the power to join our conversation via video or audio chat from whatever device you have. It’s kind of like calling into a radio station. If you’re too shy or can’t join via audio and video, we can display your comments and include you in the conversation as well. We often have guests and you will have access to them as well.

Sponsors of The Dawgs Table

The Dawgs Table Is Team BIGPLAY

The Dawgs Table is syndicated programming on the BIGPLAY network.

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