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After a 24th civil lawsuit was filed against Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson on Monday, more allegations and information are surfacing. Jenny Vrentas of the New York Times has reported that women outside of criminal and civil complaints are sharing their own experiences as well.

The report challenges Deshaun Watson’s admissions that he has hired about 40 different therapists during his time in Houston and alledges that they have uncovered evidence that Watson had booked appointments with at least 66 massage therapists between just 2019-2021.

One particular woman who is not involved in a criminal complaint or currently involved in a civil suit against Watson told The New York Times that “he was persistent in his requests for sexual acts during their massage, including ‘begging’ her to put her mouth on his penis.”

Another woman that spoke to the New York Times is a physical therapist that also did not file a criminal or civil complaint alleging that Watson initiated sexual contact in all three of the appointments that they had. She said that his demeanor and voice changed and he began “aggressively dictating” what he wanted her to do. When she refused to massage between his testicles and anus she “laughed it off” before he forced her by grabbing her wrist and putting her hand where he wanted it.

According to the same report, the Houston Texans knew of Deshaun Watson’s behavior and enabled his behavior. The Texans reportedly arranged for him to use The Houstonian’s hotel rooms (in addition to gym and restaurants) and provided him with an N.D.A. to present to the women he hired.

The findings by The New York Times are alarming and the above scenarios aren’t comprehensive. Following the filing of the 24th civil suit against Watson and prior to The New York Times report, many analysts already started to speak up about how they felt regarding the allegations against Deshaun Watson. One of the more notable remarks was by Rich Eisen on the “Rich Eisen Show” saying that “it’s disgusting, it’s vile, it’s just like behavior like that is sick…”

A 24th woman filed suit against #Browns QB Deshaun Watson today and the details are abhorrent, which again begs the question why Cleveland guaranteed him $230M:#NFL

— Rich Eisen Show (@RichEisenShow) June 6, 2022

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