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Gingers Talk Football Podcast

French Golden and Craig Fountain are brothers that both got the ginger gene. They also got the gridiron gene and share a passion for professional football. Tune in and join their conversation about the NFL, players, teams, fantasy football, and major storylines around the league.


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NFL Week 3 Recap & Week 4 Predictions Gingers Talk Football

Special Guest Rob DLC joins the podcast to help recap week 3 and then we dive right into our official predictions for week 4!   SUBSCRIBE HERE: YouTube:  FOLLOW US HERE: Twitter:   Instagram:   Facebook:   TikTok:
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  3. NFL 2022 Week 1 Recap
  4. 2022 NFL Season Predictions – Awards, Division Winners & TNF Picks
  5. Jimmy G, Aaron Donald, Matt Araiza, Pittsburgh QB's & More!

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