Cleveland Browns Week 2: The Good, Bad, and Sickening

  • September 20, 2022

Unless you learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.  Unfortunately, the Cleveland Browns once again failed to learn from history and were doomed on Sunday afternoon against the New York Jets.  After a week one game-winning field goal from rookie Cade York pulled the Browns’ defense out of the fire, and the defense went up in flames again.

Cleveland Browns: The Good

Last week, the offense left points up on the board and showed that there was real room for improvement.  That being said, the offense did its job against the Jets.  Nick Chubb reached the end zone three times and Amari Cooper added a score.  Jacoby Brissett looked good running the team.  It would be nit-picking for anybody in their right mind to complain about Nick Chubb scoring the final touchdown for the Browns or Kareem Hunt going out of bounds on a couple of runs.  It would also be nit-picking and disingenuous to be mildly upset with Brissett for the interception on the Browns’ final possession.

In this week’s tale of the Good, the Bad, and the Sickening, the Offense was all GOOD.

Cleveland Browns: The Bad

This week I would say that the Cade York missed extra point falls into the BAD category, but that’s about all that I can point to as falling between GOOD and SICKENING.

Cleveland Browns: The Sickening

I am feeling like most fans are still reeling from this stinging defeat.  I believe the saying goes something along the lines of “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  I think this applies to defensive coordinator Joe Woods.  All offseason while there were legitimate concerns about the quarterback position, there was a confidence that the defense would play the way it did in the second half of last season.  Well, two weeks into the season, and the defense has returned to last season’s early-season form, which is disastrous.  Most of the personnel is back from last season and the problems with blown coverages have returned.  To me, that falls squarely on the coach not doing a good enough job coaching up the players.  So, with that being said, the defense through two weeks is making me ill.  Joe Woods’ pants should feel like he is sitting over a campfire.  He should be on the hot seat.

Also sickening are the Specials Teams.  Not only did they allow a fake punt conversion that led to points, but they couldn’t cover an onside kick to seal the victory.  Mike Priefer is in the same neighborhood as Joe Woods.

Finally, in the sickening category, is Myles Garrett’s comments on the podium concerting the booing from the crowd at the end of the game.  The people that come to those games are not booing because they believe you didn’t try hard, they are booing because they have spent hard-earned money to attend the game only to see their team suffer a gut-wrenching defeat.  Myles Garrett has been one of the best players in Browns’ history and he needs to take a deep breath before complaining about fans that sold out a stadium during a two-season period in which the team went 1-31.

For those of you, like me, who were watching this debacle from their homes or in a bar watching the broadcast on CBS, you might have noticed that the broadcaster’s jinx was in full effect.  Just after the Browns scored a touchdown to make it 30-17, CBS went to a graphic about things that were happening in 1993, the last time the Browns started a season 2-0.  They also showed a clip from the Browns’ win that season over the San Francisco  49ers’ to put them at 2-0.  If you have been a Cleveland sports fan, you know that there is a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  With that in mind, CBS and all other media outlets could do Cleveland a huge favor and stop posting stories before the game is over.  It may be somewhat superstitious, but until the Browns prove me wrong, I’m not celebrating until the clock reads 0:00.

It’s on to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night where the Browns can bounce back against a Steelers team coming off of a home loss to the New England Patriots.  Let’s hope that by next week’s edition of the Good, the Bad, and the Sickening, there is much more Good than Bad or Sickening.

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